Web Interface


For those less familiar with the command line, Chemprop also includes a web interface which allows for basic training and predicting. An example of the website (in demo mode with training disabled) is available here: chemprop.csail.mit.edu.

Training with our web interface Predicting with our web interface

You can start the web interface on your local machine in two ways. Flask is used for development mode while gunicorn is used for production mode.


Run chemprop_web (or optionally python web.py if installed from source) and then navigate to localhost:5000 in a web browser.


Gunicorn is only available for a UNIX environment, meaning it will not work on Windows. It is not installed by default with the rest of Chemprop, so first run:

pip install gunicorn

Next, navigate to chemprop/web and run gunicorn --bind {host}:{port} 'wsgi:build_app()'. This will start the site in production mode.

  • To run this server in the background, add the --daemon flag.

  • Arguments including init_db and demo can be passed with this pattern: 'wsgi:build_app(init_db=True, demo=True)'

  • Gunicorn documentation can be found [here](http://docs.gunicorn.org/en/stable/index.html).